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    Event tourism is based on visiting vivid and often unique events of the cultural, sport or business life of a region or worldwide.
    E-magazine "EVENT-REVIEW" informs the Russian audience about the most interesting events in different countries and Russian regions as well.
    The regular events are preferably covered in the magazine that allows the readers to plan their visit forehead. The mentioning of location, time and contacts of event organizers will help to do the trips more comfortable for all guests.
    Target audience of the magazine is active broadminded people who want not only to travel but also to communicate with people from other countries & regions with similar interests, to see with their own eyes the most bright cultural and sport events that others can see only on TV. Our audience includes those who want to be in the heart of the most impressive moments of the life of our planet.
    We are open to collaboration with events organizers, exhibitions, professionals of tourism branch. And most of all – to the proposals and recommendations of our readers!

We wish you interesting reading and unforgettable trips!


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